Videography: Some info about Saint Thomas music videos, and related videos.

Director: Ola Brattås.
Photographer: Kjell Vassdal.
Featuring: Jon Bleiklie, Arild Svensgam, Steinar Sagen.
Shot in: Maridalen, Oslo, Norway.
Camera: Super 35, in black and white.

"Busstopp" is a short movie made by Ola Brattås, who is also responsible for the two St. Thomas videos "Cornerman" and "Take A Dance With Me." This one was made before the two music videos, mostly by co-incidence, as Ola had ideas for some short movies, and decided to submit the screenplay for "Busstopp," which he thought was the best one, to a screenplay writer's contest and won.

This gave him the opportunity to make the short movie, which is a seven-minute modern western story about a young, urbane man who is planning on taking the bus home from a deserted place. Two road maintenance workers appear, and start removing the bus stops.

The reason for this short movie being mentioned in this St. Thomas videography is that the road workers are listening to the radio in their car, where parts of "Bookstore" from "I'm Coming Home," a different version of "A Nice Bottle Of Wine" from a demo called "Songs" that he only gave to ten of his friends and an unreleased song called "Finalize" are being played.

The movie was very low budget, and features three relatively unknown actors plus a dog. St. Thomas was not paid royalty for the use of his songs due to the low budget, but did not mind and even played an acoustic show as co-release party for "Busstopp" and the "I'm Coming Home"-album at Cinemateket in Oslo, Norway on August 27th 2001.

Thanks to Ola Brattås and Thomas Hansen for the information.

Director: Ola Bratsås.
Featuring: Claes Olsen and Thomas Hansen plus some friends.
Shot in: Various locations in Mexico, Belize and Oslo, Norway.
Camera: Super 8.

The plans for the first St. Thomas video were put into life when the boss of Thomas' record label Racing Junior, Claes Olsen, was going on vacation to Mexico with a friend of his, director Ola Brattås. Brattås thought Mexico was an excellent setting for a music video, but as Thomas was not going to be there with them, Claes had to take the role as The Cornerman.

The setting of the video is that The Cornerman steals a guitar case and has to travel a long way to get it to the venue where St. Thomas is sitting and waiting for him. The video shows The Cornerman on his way through a lot of different locations, and when he finally gets to St. Thomas it turns out the guitar is not quite what everyone expected.

The budget of the video was a slim 5.000 Norwegian kroner, out of which only 3.000 were used, but this was multiplied by seven during the post-shooting work with the video. The camera used to shoot with was not a very good one, so the director decided to make a point out of this by adding special effects that made it worse, such as reducing the size of the actual video on the screen. In addition, the lines that can be seen on top and bottom of the video are there on purpose, as this is what it usually looks like when you play a Super 8-film through a projector.

The footage from Mexico was shot in Mexico City, San Christobal, Playa Del Carmen and other towns, while the boat scenes were shot around Belize. The footage featuring Thomas was shot at Last Train in Oslo, Norway, on Sunday July 22nd. There were also some footage that was shot on a bus trip from Mexico City, but this footage was lost when sent to Norway in the mail, and no one knows where it ended up.

The scenes featuring Thomas were shot in the very early Sunday morning the day after the director and Claes got back from Mexico, as they were nearing a deadline for the video to be finished. Some friends were quickly gathered to participate as the audience. Initially the video was supposed to end with The Cornerman being hit in the head with the guitar, but partly due to bad light when this scene was shot and partly because the director wanted a happy ending, it was replaced with a scene with Thomas getting The Cornerman's cowboy hat, and everyone smiling.

For the eagle-eyed, there is a small sign to the left of the door in the scene where The Cornerman enters the venue where Thomas is sitting and waiting, which the director did not notice when filming the scene. He still has no idea what it actually says.

Thanks to Ola Brattås, Claes Olsen and Thomas Hansen for the information.

Take A Dance With Me
Director: Ola Brattås.
Photographer: Jens Ramborg.
Producer: Europop.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Espen Mellingsen, Fredrik Rosland, Frode Refsnes and Eivind Schou, plus friends and relatives as taxi passengers.
Shot in: Around Torshov and Bygdøy Allée in Oslo, Norway.
Camera: Super 16.

The second St. Thomas music video had a twenty times as high budget as "Cornerman." In the video, Thomas is a taxi driver who is listening to and singing along to "Take A Dance With Me," and the passengers in his taxi react differently to the music they hear.

The video was shot in one cold Friday night in October 2001 in Oslo, Norway, and the passengers in Thomas' taxi are members of The Magic Club plus friends and relatives of the ones involved in the video project, including the director's father-in-law as the businessman.

The video is very nice, and has gotten a lot of airplay all over Europe, but the producers have lost money on the project. It was not a lot of money, and they figured out that it did not matter very much, as they liked the ideas for the video and were happy with the way it turned out.

Shooting the video could have been an unpleasant experience, but they were lucky and got nice weather the one night they were shooting, and even though a lot of things did go wrong during the shoot they ended up with a lot of good material.

The initial plans for the video were very different. Everyone were excited about the first draft, but it turned out to be way too expensive. Not much more will be said about this draft, as the director is hoping to get to use the ideas in another St. Thomas video.

Thanks to Ola Brattås and Thomas Hansen for the information.

Be Cool Be Nice (documentary)
Director: Erik Hannemann.
Featuring: St. Thomas & The Magic Club plus friends and strangers.
Shot in: Various locations during Norwegian tour Spring 2002 and on support tour with Lambchop Spring 2002, additional segments filmed in Autumn 2002.

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A Long Long Time
Director: Lasse Gretland.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Bosse Litzheim, Steven Sellick, Řyvind Thune, Ivar Chr. Johansen plus people playing hospital staff and security guard.
Shot in: Gamle Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway.

Filmed at Gamle Rikshospitalet in Oslo, Norway on December 21st and 22nd 2002. The director, Lasse Gretland, has previously made music videos for other Norwegian artists such as Briskeby, Big Bang and Jaga Jazzist.

The idea behind the music video is that Thomas is forced to go to a psychiatric ward of the hospital, where he meets lots of funny characters. The opening sequence of the video is inspired by the opening sequence in the motion picture "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" starring Jack Nicholson.

The video was scheduled to cost about 40.000 Norwegian kroner to shoot, without the luck they had with getting to use the hospital for free, loaning equipment from friends and having friends help out, the cost for making such a video would most likely have been about three times as high.

The video was shot in widescreen.

New Apartment
Producer: Tundragroup.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Steven Sellick and more.
Shot in: London, England on Thursday February 27th 2003.

This is an animated video made by Tundragroup, who also did the design for the covers of "Hey Harmony," "A Long Long Time EP" and "Live In Europe," in addition to St. Thomas merchandise such as t-shirts and posters. The video consists of a long continuous drawing in the background while the camera moves towards the left throughout the video, with the band members added over the drawn background.

The video of the band members was filmed in a studio in London. They were lying on their side on the floor that was covered with white paper, pretending to run, and this was filmed from the second floor, which is why they look quite spastic running around in the video.

The plot of the video is the band members running around in the forest and over some hills, until they reach a city located on an island in the shape of an acoustic guitar. They all go into the city, except for Thomas who settles in a house made of cake on the other side of the lake.

Originally, "New Apartment" was selected as the follow-up radio single to "A Long Long Time," and a video was made to promote the song. The video was shot and nearly finished when St. Thomas' record label got feedback from radio stations that "Heroes Making Dinner" was better suited for radio play, so that song was selected as the new radio single instead of "New Apartment."

The video apparently got its television debut on the German music channel VIVA ZWEI several months after it was made, since it did not get a lot of promotion due to the radio single change. It was actually never sent out to most television channels until early 2004, when it got airplay around the release of the album "Let's Grow Together - The Comeback Of St. Thomas."

The producers had to slightly re-edit the video after it had been finished. In the screenshots from the video shown on this page you can see a red St. Thomas logo. In the video, that is a television screen that flickers between that logo and images of Thomas. After having seen the final product, the producers feared that Coca Cola would deem it too similar to their Coke logo, and decided to edit that part of the video.

Heroes Making Dinner
Director: Ola Brattås.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Bosse Litzheim, Steven Sellick, Øyvind Thune, Henrik Horge.
Shot in: Oslo, Norway on March 16th 2003.

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Paris, Texas
Director: Thomas Hansen and Henrik Horge.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Sverre Horge.
Shot in: Aurskog, Norway on a weekend in October 2003.
Camera: MiniDV, Sony DCR-TRV 80.

"Paris, Texas," "Sunny Day" and "Comy My Way" were filmed as a music video trilogy in the woods outside of Oslo a weekend in October 2003 by Thomas and some of his friends. Four of them were students at Teaterhøyskolen, while Sverre Horge is a rather famous Norwegian actor. This first video features only Thomas and Sverre Horge.

It is shot entirely with an 'old movie'-filter of the MiniDV camera, and is shot mostly inside the old house at the location where all three videos were recorded. Thomas is sitting inside writing and watching movies, and gets a visit from Sverre. He refuses to go outside, and gets scared and needs comfort from Sverre (and some beverage) while watching a movie.

The plot sequences are intersected with shots of first Thomas and then both of them playing a miniature guitar and dancing and singing along to the music during the choruses of the song. At the end of the video, Sverre drives out an old car from the barn, goes back to get Thomas who is standing and looking at the house, and they both drive off together.

Sunny Day
Director: Thomas Hansen and Henrik Horge.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Henrik Horge, Ilse Lazaroms, Magnus Horge, Sverre Horge, Øystein, Cato, Steinar.
Shot in: Aurskog, Norway on a weekend in October 2003.
Camera: MiniDV, Sony DCR-TRV 80.

"Paris, Texas," "Sunny Day" and "Comy My Way" were filmed as a music video trilogy in the woods outside of Oslo a weekend in October 2003 by Thomas and some of his friends. Four of them were students at Teaterhøyskolen, while Sverre Horge is a rather famous Norwegian actor.

The second video starts off where "Paris, Texas" left, with Thomas and Sverre driving the old car down a dirt road. The video is now in colors. They are singing in the car, and pick up Steinar at a run-down small hut next to the road. He climbs into the car through the window. Next they stop the car at a bus stop to pick up Henrik and Østein, and continue driving until they have to pick up Magnus and Cato who are standing next to the road.

When they are all in the car they continue driving down the dirt road until they meet lovely Ilse down the road. Sverre stops the car, and Thomas leans out of the window in a gaze, taking off his sunglasses. Ilse ends up on his lap in the car, and at the end of the video the car drives off in the distance.

Come My Way
Director: Thomas Hansen and Henrik Horge.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Henrik Horge, Ilse Lazaroms, Magnus Horge, Sverre Horge, Øystein, Cato, Steinar.
Shot in: Aurskog, Norway on a weekend in October 2003.
Camera: MiniDV, Sony DCR-TRV 80.

"Paris, Texas," "Sunny Day" and "Comy My Way" were filmed as a music video trilogy in the woods outside of Oslo a weekend in October 2003 by Thomas and some of his friends. Four of them were students at Teaterhøyskolen, while Sverre Horge is a rather famous Norwegian actor.

This third video in the trilogy continues where "Sunny Day" left off, with the old car full of people driving down the dirt road and pulling up to the yard outside the house where Thomas stayed in "Paris, Texas." It is time for a garden party, with all of them running around playing games, singing along to the music, and playing instruments sitting on an old and abandoned car. For the first time in St. Thomas video history there is also explosions, as Thomas sets off firecrackers on several occasions.

The games they play include running with potato sacks around their legs (Maguns wins that one), throwing horseshoes (Ilse wins that one) and running with eggs on a spoon (which Steinar wins). At the end a phantomime guy dressed in white comes running into the yard and hides behind the chairs.

On The Road With St. Thomas (documentary)
Director: Thomas Hansen.
Filmed by: Thomas Hansen, Terje-Henning Hansen.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Karim Sayed, Ilse Lazaroms, Terje-Henning Hansen.
Shot in: Filmed during St. Thomas European tour Autumn 2003.
Camera: MiniDV, Sony DCR-TRV 80.

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An Artist With A Brilliant Disguise
Director: Thomas Hansen and Henrik Horge.
Filmed by: Magnus Horge.
Featuring: Thomas Hansen, Henrik Horge.
Shot in: Oslo, Norway.
Camera: MiniDV, Sony DCR-TRV 80.

This is the fourth St. Thomas video made by Thomas himself, this time featuring him and his friend Henrik Horge dressed in costumes and running around at various locations in Oslo, Norway.

The video starts with Thomas and Henrik in the street outside of Thomas' apartment, from there they run around, lie down in the streets, crawl around, strip down to their underwear and jump around at the sports arena, get dressed again in the other person's clothes, run around some more, play with a cat, lie on the street and sing along to the song, and end up going back into Thomas' apartment.

The video was filmed with Thomas' own MiniDV camera by Henrik's brother Magnus, and features a lot of speed-up scenes. Thomas would explain that "everything looks funny when you speed it up."

Morning Dancer

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