The Magic Club: Saint Thomas has played with lots of people over the years, as Saint Thomas & The Magic Club. Here is a list of what should be most of the people who have played with Saint Thomas, including some of the other bands these people have played with and some times a short story about playing with Saint Thomas that they have written for this page.

If a name is missing from this list or a missing surname or band a person has been played in can be added, please be kind and send an e-mail and let me know about it.

Robert Jønnum (Ai Phoenix, Bernhard & Bianca)

Patrick Lundberg (Ai Phoenix)

Vegard Andreassen

Henrik Horge (Hot Rod T)

Pal ?

Frode Fivel (Hello Goodbye)


Arnt Olaf Andersen (Cinnamoon, Magnetic Tapes, Bernard & Bianca, The Goo Men)

Tom A. Hoff (Cinnamoon)
"My name is Tom A. Hoff, I am the drummer of Cinnamoon. I played with St. Thomas & his Magic Club at So What in 2000. I was the band's butler for the evening, dressed up in an appropriate suit, and serving the band port wine on stage whenever required, which was quite often. Apart from serving alcoholic beverages, I occasionally played a little percussion."
- Tom A. Hoff, Oslo, November 8th 2002.

Andreas Knudsen (Magnetic Tapes, Merry November)

Espen Mellingen (Poor Rich Ones, Ai Phoenix)

Johanne Wernø

Bjarne Larsen (Palace Of Pleasure, Salvatore)

Øyvind Thune

Runar Eggesvik (Magnetic Tapes)

Fredrik Rosland (Driver, Goo-Men)

Frode Refsnes

Håvard Holten (Grate)

Frode Marti

Johnny Hide (Number Seven Deli)

Eivind Schou (Serena Maneesh)
"My name is Eivind Schou, and I first played with the saint in December 2000. I was a member until Spring 2002, and by that time I actually had most seniority of the members. I used to play violin and some percussion, and it was very funny sometimes."
- E, January 11th 2002.

Bosse Litzheim (King Konkubine, Suzuki, Ai Phoenix)

Guro Strande (Bernhard & Bianca)

Thomas Lute

Jørgen ?

Tony Crow (Cyod, Lambchop)

Keith Nealy (Cell)

Mark Nevers (Cyod, Lambchop)

Ajay Saggar

Erlend Øye (Kings Of Convenience)

Volker Zander (Calexico)

Sam Baker (Lambchop)

Matt Swanson (Clockhammer, Cyod, Lambchop)

Norman Nietsche (Mina)

Howe Gelb (OP8, Giant Sand)

Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel, Bablicon, Olivia Tremor Control, A Hawk And A Hacksaw)

Scott Spillane (Neutral Milk Hotel, Gerbils, Olivia Tremor Control)

Per Steinar Lie (Low Frequency In Stereo)

Johannes ? (Low Frequency In Stereo)

Filip Ring Andersen (Ring)

Steven Sellick (The Sellick Maneuver)

Ivar Chr. Johansen (Ravi) (Ravi & DJ Løv)

Karim Sayed (Big Bang, Salvatore, Perculator, Palace Of Pleasure)

Ilse Lazaroms

Steinar ?

Werner Brandal

José Kaptein Lazaroms

Maud Lazaroms

Anders Torp

Alexander Lindbäck (Seven Doors Hotel, PING)

Trond Ingebretsen (Bjølsen Valsemølle)

Petter Pogo (Jokke og Valentinerne)

Greg Peterson

Are ?

Stian ?

Sunniva Roumimper

Marius Larsen (Karen Jo Fields, Elvin Friendly)

Alf H. Aronsen

Anton ?

David-Ivar Herman Düne (Herman Düne, DIHD, Kungen, Satan's Fingers)

Turner Cody

Thanks to Thomas Hansen for the information used to compile this list, plus special thanks to those who have taken their time to write a short story.