Articles: St. Thomas notice (Flagpole Magazine - October 30th 2002)

What? No Gudbrandsdalsost?!: A truly bizarre twist of events transpired at the Caledonia during the recent gig by A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Norway's St. Thomas and Summer Hymns. After the gig was over and it was pretty well known that most everyone had a great time, St. Thomas' singer and songwriter, Thomas Hansen, proceeded to have an absolutely violent fit of temper. He threw all three bands' CDs all over the floor of the club, upended the Caledonia merchandise table, kicked over boxes and trash cans and had to be physically removed from the club by tour manager Scott Spillane. The reason for the sudden outburst? Thomas was upset that his band had not sold as many CDs as the other acts. It was unfortunate that the night should have come to such an end, because A Hawk and A Hacksaw played a stellar show, with mastermind Jeremy Barnes performing on percussion and accordion, and Summer Hymns played, bar none, the best set I have ever seen by them. In what was the most appropriate action of the night, Spillane abruptly quit managing the St. Thomas tour, and after later realizing that Hansen had also trashed his hotel room, drove him to the Atlanta airport and sent him back to Norway. The biggest casualty of the night was the trouble caused to A Hawk and A Hacksaw, who were to continue touring with St. Thomas all the way to New York in order to fly Barnes back to his home in England. With the tour canceled who knows what their plans will be. Bands breaking up at the Caledonia hasn't become Athens legend yet, but if many more instances like this happen, it soon will be. Previous breakups of note include Damon Che, formerly of Don Caballero, breaking up ON-STAGE with his band Bellini. Bands, please check these egotistical, maniacal behaviors at the door or just don't bother showing up.

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