Articles: St. Thomas amuses, but doesn't surprise
(3VOOR12 - March 16th 2002)

St. Thomas - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 03/15/02

A hero from Norway in the Netherlands above all entertaining

CONCERT: St. Thomas, London Calling, Paradiso, 15th of March

MUSIC: A couple of years ago was this bare, dry thin sound known as lo-fi, nowadays we call it But they stay campfire songs.

PRO: St. Thomas makes no compromise in the performance. The dance steps from Thomas the singer are so out of this time that when you've stopped laughing you can only have respect for it. Bravo!

CON: The bareness is also St. Thomas's beauty. The music is very open. But when it goes slightly wrong, it is because of this transparency that it gets painfully clear in an instance. Besides that uses the band too little of it's weapons. With the powerful triple voice singing of the simple meaningless words "Rai, Rai, Rai" the Norwegian called the public effortless to order and they got all the attention. A pity that they did this only once.

REMARKABLE: Except for the plastic plate which served as a setlist and the beer cans which were thrown into the audience as appreciation, was the revelation of the ago the band members a revelation. We were waiting for more facts: Living address? Married? Driver license? Debts?

CONCLUSION: St. Thomas earned it's right for existence. The songs are strong enough to survive the sober musical decoration in which they are placed. But with such a decoration little flaws stand out. When the band will find a balance between the loose, funny performance and create a bit more of a coherent sound, then will the audience experience future performances not solely as amusing.

RATING: Amusing is also something: 6.5

RON VAN DER STERREN - (English translation by MARC VERHEES.)

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